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Isotonic Foam Dog Bed was created to provide the greatest support possible for dogs who need a soft firm bed. The isotonic foam was developed for NASA to relieve the G force pressures that astronauts are subjected to. The Isotonic foam is a memory foam that is open celled and breathable. It is also temperature sensitive so it will not be too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. The foam is able to distribute pressure points and weight over the entire surface of the bed. The bed combines the foam with a layer of firm furniture grade foam for even more support. The sleek clean lines of this bed and the contrasting piping make it a stylish addition to any room in the home.

This dog bed is perfect for dogs who like to stretch out.

These dog beds are made of such extraordinary quality that they last for years and look like new even after many washings.

The Perfect Bed for Every Dog!!

The Isotonic Foam Dog Bed is machine washable and dryable. The outer cover is removable.

Five Sizes: Medium 20" x 30" x 4", Large 24" x 36" x 4", Extra Large 30" x 40" x 5", XXL 35" x 52" x 6" XXXL 40" X 60" x 7"

The Perfect Bed for Every Dog!!

All profits go to help homeless pets.

If you find any of these beds at a lower price, we will beat the price. Email us at orders@perfectdogbedscom

Donut Dog Bed
Isotonic Foam Dog Bed in Storm

Medium 20" x 30" x 4" $104.50

Large 24" x 36" x 4" $124.50

Extra Large 30" x 40" x 5" $169.50

XX Large 35" x 52" x 6" $239.50

XXLarge 40" x 60" x 7" $330.50

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